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Why Choose a Diesel Engine Versus Standard Gasoline?

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Diesel engines are a bit different than standard gasoline engines, as the diesel fuel burns differently than standard gasoline. Many consumers have misconceptions about diesel engines, thinking they are somehow “dirtier” or create more emissions than gasoline engines, but this just isn’t the case. Note why it can be good to invest in a diesel engine versus a standard gasoline engine, whether that’s for a car, tractor, or even a power washer you keep at home. 1. Acceleration  Diesel engines provide more power from low-end acceleration, so you can accelerate any vehicle much faster when you have a diesel engine. If you need more acceleration from your car or any vehicle, such as those you take to a track for racing, diesel is the right choice. This added acceleration can also make any sports car more fun to drive than those with a standard gasoline engine that may lag a bit when you accelerate. 2. Fuel economy and emissions While some people think that diesel engines use more fuel for the power they need, diesel engines actually get better gas mileage than standard gasoline engines. This is because they can produce more power for every gallon or liter of diesel fuel they burn, and they convert heat into energy rather than simply allowing heat to escape out a tailpipe like standard engines. If you’re concerned about fuel economy because you drive extensively, such as for delivery trucks and anyone on the road throughout the day, the diesel engine can save you money over the life of your engine. The fact that diesel engines convert heat into energy also makes them a cleaner engine, meaning they produce fewer emissions than standard gasoline engines. A diesel engine doesn’t run dirtier than a standard gasoline engine the way many consumers might assume, but they can actually be a better choice for those who want something more eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment overall.  3. More torque Torque is the force that makes an object spin, and diesel engines can provide more torque to their engines than standard gasoline. In turn, diesel engines are usually stronger and more rugged since they have more torque delivered to their drive train. This extra strength is better for heavier vehicles and for when you’re towing something behind you. If you’ve chosen a very large tractor for your property, a heavy-duty truck, have a trailer or anything with added weight, or want a powerful pressure washer that actually cleans grimy tools, you want a diesel engine for this added torque and...

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Signs That Your Trailer’s Crankshaft Position Sensor Is Failing

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Having a crankshaft position sensor in your trailer is essential. It provides data, which enables the computer system in your trailer to understand the cylinder that should be fired at the present position of the crankshaft. It also ensures that your engine cylinders are fired in the appropriate order. The data provided by the crankshaft position sensor is used in computing the revolutions per minute of your vehicle. In addition, this data is elemental for appropriate transmission of gear selection with the load and speed of your trailer. Detecting failure in this sensor is necessary, and here are a few signs to check for. Acceleration Issues When your engine speeds up, the fuel injection and spark timing have to be adjusted. If there’s a problem with your sensor, the input to your engine control unit (ECU) can be inaccurate. In such a case, your ECU will not make these adjustments as accurate as it should, meaning that there may be a lag between the ECU receiving the data and applying it. When this happens, you can experience a slow or uneven acceleration. Ignition Malfunction Ignition malfunction or intermittent starting is another sign of a failing (or failed) crankshaft position sensor. When your crankshaft position sensor starts failing, the signals it transmits to your trailer’s ECU will begin weakening. For instance, your engine needs fuel to start. Therefore, a failed crankshaft position sensor may not send signals to the ECU, meaning that it won’t send fuel to the injector. This signal can switch off completely if left unattended. When this happens, the spark plugs can die out, damaging your engine. Therefore, if your trailer won’t start, you might want the crankshaft position sensor checked by your auto mechanic. Engine Sputter The information relayed by your crankshaft sensor to your computer system is vital in determining the appropriate spark timing. For this reason, if your sensor is bad, wrong data will be relayed, and this will affect the process of fuel injection, leading to an engine sputter. Stalling/Backfiring Constant backfiring and stalling of your engine is another sign of a malfunction. In such a situation, your engine may cut off periodically, stalling you for a couple of second as you drive. Your trailer will most likely start, and even run for some time, but shut down eventually. This is the same case for backfiring. Leaving the issue unattended may lead to engine exhaustion, making it die out eventually. For more information, talk to a trailer parts...

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What Are the Disadvantages of Driving a Car With Worn Shocks?

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Each part of your car was selected to improve your comfort as well as give you better control over the car. Parts like shock absorbers are critical in ensuring that you not only have a smooth ride but they also make you able to control the car more easily. Thus, you are likely to face several disadvantages if you drive a car with worn shocks. This article discusses some of those disadvantages. Excessive Rolling During Turns Body roll refers to what you feel when the weight of the car keeps preventing you from steering the car the way want to. For instance, it’s the feeling you experience as you try to recover from a spin caused by taking a sharp turn to avoid knocking an animal that suddenly gets in your way. Worn shock absorbers make this rolling worse and you are likely to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in an accident (such as hitting a tree on the roadside). That is why you need to replace your old shocks with new ones, such as Monroe shocks. Reduced Stopping Power When you drive a car that has worn out shock absorbers, you face the risk of unequal stopping power. This is because most of the car’s weight is thrown to the front of the car and that is why you feel the car resisting your attempts to stop. The car loses traction in its back tyres because the worn shocks cannot keep the weight of the car evenly distributed to all tyres. That is why the rear tyres will have lower breaking power and you will have a hard time stopping the car. Excessive Floating After Hitting Bumps Functional shocks reduce how much your car bounces (floats) when you hit a pothole or a speed bump. If you drive a car whose shock absorbers are worn, the car will float excessively and this will significantly reduce your level of comfort during the drive. This “prancing” will not only affect the comfort of the car occupants but it will also put excess strain on the car’s suspension system. That is why you need to replace the shock absorbers quickly so that further damage is prevented and you can feel calm as you drive. Always ensure that your car is in sound mechanical condition by having it regularly inspected (for instance once each year) by an experienced mechanic so that it does not become hazardous to you and other road users. Have pros like Wilkinson Suspension Centre replace worn parts (such as shock absorbers) with new ones (such as Monroe...

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Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying a Salvage Car from Auto Wreckers

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Many car restoration enthusiasts love buying cars from auto wreckers then restoring them to running condition. However, many end up taking on a task that is too complex for them since the car had problems they could not detect as they bought the car. Such people end up spending excessively and some regret the decision they took to buy that particular car. This article discusses some red flags you should look out for when buying a salvage car. Rusty or Milky Coolant Engine coolant should be orange or green in color. If you notice that the car you want from an auto wrecker has coolant that looks milky or rusty, take that as a sign that the radiator has a problem. The most likely cause of that abnormal color is pinpoint leaks so you will need to budget for radiator repairs. A Musty Smell Open the car door and sniff inside it. If you sense a musty or moldy odor, take that as an indicator that the car may have sustained water damage or water is leaking somewhere (such as from the water used to clean the windshield). As you negotiate the final price for such a car, know that you will have some water damage to put right so be as conservative as possible when valuing the car. For instance, if the asking price is $2000, offer to pay no more than $1200 so that the cost of repairs does not inflate the final cost of the car beyond what you had planned to spend. A Car That Isn’t Level on the Ground Take a close look at the car when you are standing a few meters from it. If you see that it is not level, chances are high that it has suspension problems that you will have to fix. Try lifting the car close to the top of each wheel. If it rebounds with a clanking sound, it may have problems with the suspension joints or wheel bearings. You may need to hire a mechanic to estimate how much damage the suspension has so that you can decide if the cost of restoring that car will be within your budget. Use the red flags above as a starting point to determine what the fair price for a salvage car from car wreckers is. It is better for you to take on a salvage job when you know all the details instead of jumping in blindly and you end up spending a fortune that you had not planned to spend. For more information, check out companies such as Q.A.H. Auto...

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