What Are the Disadvantages of Driving a Car With Worn Shocks?

Posted on: 27 April 2015

Each part of your car was selected to improve your comfort as well as give you better control over the car. Parts like shock absorbers are critical in ensuring that you not only have a smooth ride but they also make you able to control the car more easily. Thus, you are likely to face several disadvantages if you drive a car with worn shocks. This article discusses some of those disadvantages.

Excessive Rolling During Turns

Body roll refers to what you feel when the weight of the car keeps preventing you from steering the car the way want to. For instance, it's the feeling you experience as you try to recover from a spin caused by taking a sharp turn to avoid knocking an animal that suddenly gets in your way. Worn shock absorbers make this rolling worse and you are likely to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in an accident (such as hitting a tree on the roadside). That is why you need to replace your old shocks with new ones, such as Monroe shocks.

Reduced Stopping Power

When you drive a car that has worn out shock absorbers, you face the risk of unequal stopping power. This is because most of the car's weight is thrown to the front of the car and that is why you feel the car resisting your attempts to stop. The car loses traction in its back tyres because the worn shocks cannot keep the weight of the car evenly distributed to all tyres. That is why the rear tyres will have lower breaking power and you will have a hard time stopping the car.

Excessive Floating After Hitting Bumps

Functional shocks reduce how much your car bounces (floats) when you hit a pothole or a speed bump. If you drive a car whose shock absorbers are worn, the car will float excessively and this will significantly reduce your level of comfort during the drive. This "prancing" will not only affect the comfort of the car occupants but it will also put excess strain on the car's suspension system. That is why you need to replace the shock absorbers quickly so that further damage is prevented and you can feel calm as you drive.

Always ensure that your car is in sound mechanical condition by having it regularly inspected (for instance once each year) by an experienced mechanic so that it does not become hazardous to you and other road users. Have pros like Wilkinson Suspension Centre replace worn parts (such as shock absorbers) with new ones (such as Monroe shocks).