Why Choose a Diesel Engine Versus Standard Gasoline?

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Diesel engines are a bit different than standard gasoline engines, as the diesel fuel burns differently than standard gasoline. Many consumers have misconceptions about diesel engines, thinking they are somehow "dirtier" or create more emissions than gasoline engines, but this just isn't the case. Note why it can be good to invest in a diesel engine versus a standard gasoline engine, whether that's for a car, tractor, or even a power washer you keep at home.

1. Acceleration 

Diesel engines provide more power from low-end acceleration, so you can accelerate any vehicle much faster when you have a diesel engine. If you need more acceleration from your car or any vehicle, such as those you take to a track for racing, diesel is the right choice. This added acceleration can also make any sports car more fun to drive than those with a standard gasoline engine that may lag a bit when you accelerate.

2. Fuel economy and emissions

While some people think that diesel engines use more fuel for the power they need, diesel engines actually get better gas mileage than standard gasoline engines. This is because they can produce more power for every gallon or liter of diesel fuel they burn, and they convert heat into energy rather than simply allowing heat to escape out a tailpipe like standard engines. If you're concerned about fuel economy because you drive extensively, such as for delivery trucks and anyone on the road throughout the day, the diesel engine can save you money over the life of your engine.

The fact that diesel engines convert heat into energy also makes them a cleaner engine, meaning they produce fewer emissions than standard gasoline engines. A diesel engine doesn't run dirtier than a standard gasoline engine the way many consumers might assume, but they can actually be a better choice for those who want something more eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment overall. 

3. More torque

Torque is the force that makes an object spin, and diesel engines can provide more torque to their engines than standard gasoline. In turn, diesel engines are usually stronger and more rugged since they have more torque delivered to their drive train. This extra strength is better for heavier vehicles and for when you're towing something behind you. If you've chosen a very large tractor for your property, a heavy-duty truck, have a trailer or anything with added weight, or want a powerful pressure washer that actually cleans grimy tools, you want a diesel engine for this added torque and strength.