Are You Ready for Anything When You Set off on a Road Trip?

Posted on: 10 September 2019

With peak travel season ahead, you may be getting ready to take your family on a road trip across the country. You may be looking forward to this as you're ready for a nice holiday, but you do need to prepare carefully and always have an emergency plan in place. If you haven't given this a second thought so far, what do you need to think about now?

Getting Ready

You may think that your regular car is quite reliable, and it hasn't given you any trouble for some time. However, if you only use it to drive back and forth to work, you never really give it the chance to stretch its legs. As you may be travelling more distance in one trip than you might otherwise do in an entire month, you should take the vehicle in for a regular service before you go.

While this will certainly help and should reveal any pending issues before you go, you can still encounter a problem that may turn up out of the blue. You need to be prepared, both mentally and physically for such an issue and especially if it should appear when you are driving down a busy motorway.

The Unexpected

For example, you may encounter a sudden electrical problem that cuts power to the engine when you are driving at high speed. While you may not have any motorised drive at that point, the vehicle will still be able to freewheel and you should place it into neutral while taking time to assess the traffic around you. Gradually drift over to the inside lane without any sudden move and when appropriate, bring the vehicle to a halt on the hard shoulder.

Taking Action

Your first priority will be the safety of those onboard and other road users. Consequently, ask everybody to get out from the inside doors only and then move away from the edge of the road, to stand behind a stout object. Next, retrieve your emergency kit and place the warning triangle a hundred metres back down the road, to give other road users a warning about what is ahead. Within the emergency kit should be a yellow reflective vest, which you should put on when you are near to the car.

At this point you should call an emergency breakdown service and give them all of your details. This will allow them to send somebody out to provide further assistance.

Being Ready

So, to make sure that you are ready to set off on your trip, make sure that you have an emergency travel kit and program the number for the breakdown service into your phone.

For more information on 24/7 emergency breakdown assistance and other car safety information, consult a resource in your area.