Things You Should Know About the Common Rail Injectors in Diesel-Powered Engines

Posted on: 25 August 2021

If you have a personal or commercial vehicle that has a diesel engine, it's smart to learn a little bit about the different parts and components of your engine. Then, you will know a little more about your vehicle, and it will probably be easier for you to determine how to take care of your engine. For example, a lot of drivers and vehicle owners don't know much about the common rail injectors in their diesel-powered engines. However, these are a few simple things that you might want to know about your diesel engine's common rail injectors.

They Have a Long Lifespan

Your common rail injectors should last for quite some time, as is the case with a lot of components of a diesel engine. You really should not have to worry about them wearing out until your vehicle hits approximately 150,000 kilometers. Even then, you should hopefully be able to count on your common rail injectors to last even longer without causing you any problems.

They Can Be Checked By a Professional

If you think there might be something wrong with your vehicle's common rail injectors, or if your vehicle has reached 150,000 kilometers and you want to check out your different engine components to make sure they are in good shape, then you can take your vehicle to a professional. Bench tests can be performed to check your common rail injectors. Typically, this is done on a special type of test bench that can be used for testing pressure levels and more.

There Are a Few Signs of Issues That You Can Watch Out For

Even if you don't actually know how to repair your vehicle yourself, it's not bad to know how to detect issues with your common rail injectors. Then, you will know when to take your diesel-powered vehicle in for repairs. These are some of the possible signs that there might be a problem with your common rail injectors:

  • You are dealing with a noticeable decrease in power.
  • Your engine has been misfiring.
  • You can smell a strong odor of diesel fuel when your vehicle is running, even if the fuel cap is closed.

Repairs Have to Be Done By a Professional

Common rail injectors have to be coded, which requires a special tool. Additionally, common rail injector repairs have to be done properly, or you run the risk of causing damage to your diesel engine.

You Should Have the Issue Resolved Soon

If you do think there is a problem with your vehicle's fuel injectors, you should have the issue resolved soon. Otherwise, you might notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, and you might notice that your vehicle will not perform like it's supposed to. These issues might get worse and worse if you ignore the situation.