4 Simple Ways to Extend the Service Life of Your Truck's Roll-Up Door

Posted on: 12 July 2022

Most box trucks feature roll-up doors for enhanced convenience. However, these doors experience significant wear and tear due to constant use every working day. You'll need to open and close these doors for every delivery made. This routine exposes your truck door to damage and deterioration.

However, you can enhance the service life of your trucks with regular maintenance. It helps you prevent costly repairs or replacement expenses, directly impacting your bottom line. With that in mind, here are four ways to extend the lifespan of your box truck's roll-up door;

Inspect Door Assembly

The first step in maintaining your truck's roll-up door is inspection. Assess whether the tension cable or pull straps have any defects. If you identify any, get a professional auto mechanic to fix them. Consider this routine at least every week. Remember that pull straps and cables are essential for the operation of your truck's door assembly. 

Additionally, assess the locks to determine whether they are securing the door tightly. When the truck door keeps bouncing up and down while driving, it's a clear sign of worn-out lock cams or latches. Fix them before the problem worsens and poses a security risk on the road. 

Consider Regular Cleaning of Your Truck Door

You should ensure the highest degree of cleanliness for your roll-up truck door. A weekly cleaning routine can help extend its service life. Besides, cleaning eliminates debris, dust and other unwanted materials that might cause blockages. In turn, this can result in long-term damage to the door's critical components like springs and significant losses in repairs. 

Avoid Using Force When Operating the Door

Generally, a well-maintained roll-up truck door requires less force to open or close. However, if an effortless task of opening or closing the roll-up door feels cumbersome, this is a clear sign you require professional repairs. 

Therefore, have a repair mechanic diagnose it immediately to identify potential issues, fix them and alleviate further damage. While this will help you save more on repair costs, it will also eliminate the risk of injury to your employees. 

Lubricate Your Roll-Up Truck Door Regularly

Finally, applying the correct lubricant to the joints and moving parts of your roll-up truck door ensures a smooth and efficient operation. There are different lubricants you can find on the market that are formulated specifically for your truck's roll-up door. Choose the ideal one depending on your truck's specifications for optimal performance. 

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