• Why Should You Install a Turbocharger Instead of a Supercharger?

    Even if you know absolutely nothing about cars or engineering, the words 'turbocharger' and 'supercharger' are likely to get your heart pumping. And they actually live up to their names. These are both forced induction systems, which means they compress the air flowing into your engine. With more air flowing, the engine can work a lot harder and product far more power. Such systems also help deliver the high-end roar associated with serious sports cars and luxury models. [Read More]

  • Common Misconceptions About Diesel Engines

    Diesel engines are a very popular choice for heavy-duty trucks and vans, but they're also becoming somewhat popular for family sedans as well. This is because diesel offers many advantages over a standard petrol engine, some of which might make it a good choice for your next vehicle purchase. To ensure you invest in a car, van, passenger truck, or any other vehicle that is strong and durable for your needs, and that offers the fuel economy you expect, note a few common misconceptions about diesel engines you might want to discuss with a mechanic or salesperson before you make a buying decision. [Read More]