• Things You Should Know About the Common Rail Injectors in Diesel-Powered Engines

    If you have a personal or commercial vehicle that has a diesel engine, it's smart to learn a little bit about the different parts and components of your engine. Then, you will know a little more about your vehicle, and it will probably be easier for you to determine how to take care of your engine. For example, a lot of drivers and vehicle owners don't know much about the common rail injectors in their diesel-powered engines. [Read More]

  • Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Car Serviced at Regular Intervals

    "It's too expensive." "It takes too long." "It's not really necessary." These are just but a few of the many reasons or excuses many people give for not having their car serviced. Yet, car servicing remains the most important aspect of car ownership.   Here are some sound reasons to get your car serviced according to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. 1. Ensures the Safety of Your Car Your car comprises many safety-critical components, such as the brakes, steering and suspension, tyres and wheels, and many more that need to be checked at regular intervals to ensure the safety of the vehicle. [Read More]